Specialist translations

We specialise in translating financial and legal documents.

 We have several years of experience in translating a wide variety of texts dealing with civil law, financial and business law, tax law, real estate and construction law, corporate law and public procurement law matters.

In addition to general contracts and standard corporate documents, we have also translated more specific documents, such as rulings by regulatory agencies, court judgments, public procurement documents, lawsuits and appeals, and opinions letters on various legal matters.

We also translate our clients’ daily correspondence.

Our offer 

Being grammatically and stylistically correct is a good starting point, but we always also strive to use words and expressions that are adequate in the given context. We take great care to ensure that we use accurate and consistent terminology in our translations so that readers in the target language are not mislead by meaningless word-inventions or terms that are technically correct but do not match the meaning of the word used in the original text.

We are aware that legal and business documents have a legal effect and that the quality and timely completion of the translation can be the difference between a profitable and a failed transaction, and therefore we work very hard to make sure that our translations are absolutely accurate and always prepared by the deadline requested by the client. We also guarantee that all documents are treated confidentially.