Certified translations

Legal background

Section 6/A of Decree No. 24/1986 of the Hungarian Government on Specialist Translations and Interpreting allows qualified translators and language editors to prepare certified translations of official company records, official corporate documents and information that is recorded in an official company register to any of the European Union’s official languages.

Documents available for certified translations

We rely on qualified translators to prepare certified translations of official company records and corporate documents (such as shareholders’ resolutions, general meeting minutes, founding documents, shareholders’ lists, declarations of acceptance by managing directors and auditors, specimen signatures and signature samples, and registered office permits) and to officially certify that a company name is correctly translated for the purposes of entry in the company register. Each translation includes a statement by the translator that the text in the target language is a full and accurate representation of the text in the source language.

How can you request this service? 

All you have to do is send us an original or certified copy of your document by mail or courier, and we will return the certified translation to you along with your document.

If you need a certified translation of an electronic document with an electronic signature, you can send the electronic original to us by email and we will send you back the certified translation in electronic form with an electronic signature.